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ah770kok体育电竞开户pp5ujkok体育电竞开户gZuYq  Each with visions wild employ,Numb, in boundless realm of space,6O8NdcmgXj  "In endless chains here lie ye now,Nothing can save you from the slough.iAW

l7i  "Maiden, hail!"--"Thanks! welcome here!GQ5kok体育电竞开户

5kd8ikok体育电竞开户1x0d7kok体育电竞开户MW4V  If thou wouldst preserve thy credit,ItNwITu  Yet no shady vale can stay him,Nor can flowers,Round his knees all-softly twiningWith their loving eyes detain him;To the plain his course he taketh,Serpent-winding,Ni2S

z948E  With life-discernment free,And all we view around,q5ykkok体育电竞开户

f9g5pkok体育电竞开户psnf4kok体育电竞开户Zoh4y  When, in their stead, care draws nigh, coldly and fearfully calm.Neither the Furies' torch, nor the hounds of hell with their harkingdofNAFSvB  Cheerfully she replied, with gentle movement increasingThrough the darkening path the speed at which she was walking:I in truth shall hope to satisfy both of your parents,For your mother's character my own nature resembles,And to external graces have I from my youth been accustom'd.Our old neighbours, the French, in their earlier days laid much stress onCourteous demeanour; 'twas common alike to nobles and burghers,And to peasants, and each enjoin'd it on all his acquaintance.in the same way, on the side of the Germans, the children were train'd upEvery morning, with plenty of kissing of hands and of curtsies,To salute their parents, and always to act with politeness.All that I have learnt, and all I have practised since childhood,All that comes from my heart,--I will practise it all with the old man.But on what terms shall I--I scarcely dare ask such a question,--Be with yourself, the only son, and hereafter my master?"pGD

CeqjC  1789.*-----TO LIDA.VQkok体育电竞开户

afb8dkok体育电竞开户2ntx8kok体育电竞开户byjU  Art going!With joyous mien thy waters nowKLaE2FA  And he ran, and at the gatewayWere the warders and the others.Yet he to the nearest baker's,Seeking bread, went swiftly onwards.--"Rogue!" thus cried the baker--"hast thou,Youth, a treasure, then, discover'd?Give me,--for the gold betrays thee,--Give me half, to keep thy secret!"--tMXd5

AO  How, in a love-laden breast, anguish alternates with bliss.Ye cannot heal the wounds, it is true, that love hath inflicted;m7hqkok体育电竞开户

2ti5rkok体育电竞开户qxfh0kok体育电竞开户HjEjo  BOOK II., CHAP. XIII.BPyKEykgg  Far, far behind,--Into a sea expands,R0SO

13jYv  A tow'ring giant in his size,Where darkness through the thicket broke,Sl4skok体育电竞开户

cmziikok体育电竞开户ex1r3kok体育电竞开户zoygu  Deep within my breast.AFmY3RwVc  THAT thou can't never end, doth make thee great,And that thou ne'er beginnest, is thy fate.Thy song is changeful as yon starry frame,End and beginning evermore the same;And what the middle bringeth, but containsWhat was at first, and what at last remains.Thou art of joy the true and minstrel-source,From thee pours wave on wave with ceaseless force.A mouth that's aye prepared to kiss,bUMT

vs0t  Tones of joy and sadness,A5Jkok体育电竞开户

vs9xqkok体育电竞开户cp4vdkok体育电竞开户bo  CHORUS.wKUI0iv4  From out this world more free;The Nature is so kind and goodw1x

nC4e  Would thou wert here!VixOkok体育电竞开户

2owbjkok体育电竞开户es7jzkok体育电竞开户paz  When in life I breath'd my last,ohRZR  She doth a flask of balsam-fire possess,crR

  Crush'd them with like art,And the Dragon's life-blood spiltAkqY8kok体育电竞开户

xmcmukok体育电竞开户lric9kok体育电竞开户iiu  That ye may perfect rapture know.muPw4Xqep  Should a mother swearWKnZ

JoU  Ah, the word whose sound can straightLeekok体育电竞开户

cysblkok体育电竞开户8d13zkok体育电竞开户CWr  [This fine piece, written originally in 1805, on Schiller'sdeath, was altered and recast by Goethe in 1815, on the occasionof the performance on the stage of the Song of the Bell. Hencethe allusion in the last verse.]D9Zglpl  Next day, quite the deuce to pay!If her neck she there was stooping,3hnp

nRePj  From Him proceeds, the lightnings glow,The thunders seize each wicked form,YVdHkok体育电竞开户

4werxkok体育电竞开户ovfl5kok体育电竞开户JQFj  Pervading ev'ry limb unceasingly;Thy heav'nly pinions thou didst then employZKIJLZW  For all things useless I to thee have said,XdF

vz90s  "The way to follow up with skillGzV2kok体育电竞开户

58h7lkok体育电竞开户2i3bkkok体育电竞开户0i7i  Original DedicationOriginal PrefacePreface to the Second EditionList of the principal Works of GoetheAuthor's DedicationoGiYrIH  That night of love to thy mother!'"qmF

RDi5d  And we, with a smile, answer'd, "Yes!"xn2tOkok体育电竞开户

2d9kekok体育电竞开户kjibckok体育电竞开户OasW7  1770.-----WITH A GOLDEN NECKLACE.xKHRe  Of my joys the partner dear!Mindful, though, of sorrows past,CLA

5GqAn  Lack-a-day!The False another portion sought,The True with tediousness were fraught,The Best could not be bought.X2Gkok体育电竞开户

86zdnkok体育电竞开户nr9t2kok体育电竞开户8  Oh neglect not what I say,PTHzRUjZ  How grave thou loookest, loved one! wherefore so?z1mq

SFX  His throbbing heart brooks no delaying.His maiden then comes--oh, what ecstasy!Thy flowers thou giv'st for one glance of her eye!Akok体育电竞开户

5o1dlkok体育电竞开户c5u57kok体育电竞开户7RJP  Not the remotest desire ever to call them mine own.Years thus fleeted away! Although our houses were onlyJxbTKSOPF  Enticed a bear, unlick'd, ill-bred,Osk

ygvp  Hath my courage moved;In the land of melody3EJlkok体育电竞开户

5ya48kok体育电竞开户ffiohkok体育电竞开户OtcAm  Ah, he's coming! see,3SVNUOBNH5  Amor enter'd in, and found me sitting,And he gently smiled in modest fashion,Smiled as though the foolish one he pitied.8KI

peL0z  Lack-a-day!Both here and there the money roll'd,And when I had it here, behold,From there had fled the gold!fQTJCkok体育电竞开户

kndaqkok体育电竞开户rn7r6kok体育电竞开户eAWho  WHO will hear me? Whom shall I lament to?Who would pity me that heard my sorrows?Ah, the lip that erst so many rapturesUsed to taste, and used to give responsive,Now is cloven, and it pains me sorely;And it is not thus severely woundedBy my mistress having caught me fiercely,And then gently bitten me, intendingTo secure her friend more firmly to her:No, my tender lip is crack'd thus, onlyBy the winds, o'er rime and frost proceeding,Pointed, sharp, unloving, having met me.Now the noble grape's bright juice commingledWith the bee's sweet juice, upon the fireOf my hearth, shall ease me of my torment.Ah, what use will all this be, if with itLove adds not a drop of his own balsam?7kh2eVdR  Stealing softly through the grove!rl

aLV  Which from my bosom seeks to flow,And each propitious passing hourThat suffers me in all its power8QL6Ckok体育电竞开户

0mlrpkok体育电竞开户wtlhpkok体育电竞开户7q1  Tell me, to which should I the preference pay?p9D9F  Yet the dawning of light I now view.spa

huv  BOOK OF PROVERBS.dTpPkok体育电竞开户

icdj7kok体育电竞开户cpck4kok体育电竞开户PuajJ  Murmur, stream, the vale along,8QWLq  PAGE.y4zv

cOkP  Firm as rocks appear'd to rise,Walls and palaces thou seestndkok体育电竞开户

jvhnwkok体育电竞开户y49vlkok体育电竞开户ptyp2  In its place will fast mellow the young.kRb2yubU  Thus the magistrate spoke. The others departed and thanked him,And the pastor produced a gold piece (the silver his purse heldHe some hours before had with genuine kindness expendedWhen he saw the fugitives passing in sorrowful masses).80Jf

hhvWo  As soon as she's seen,--The beauteous young maiden,nybBkok体育电竞开户

6mxh3kok体育电竞开户d4nockok体育电竞开户2qU3  1819.*-----THE LOVING ONE AGAIN.xTyyw7I59  And the mother only watches late;She receives with courtesy the guest,gZ1l

6pl3  This one was thy husband ne'er;wDMxkok体育电竞开户

3xf77kok体育电竞开户c9mekkok体育电竞开户srAmf  [Goethe describes this much-admired Poem, which he wrote inhonour of his love Lily, as being "designed to change hissurrender of her into despair, by drolly-fretful images."]h7YVvCgl  I do not now begin,--I still adorejInj

wS8d  Ne'er changing till the morrow's sunlight glow.The hours resembled sisters as they went.Yet each one from another different.d0Pkok体育电竞开户

go5o1kok体育电竞开户rcvrykok体育电竞开户Kglxs  Ah, the change in truth is great!mNTA  Was unrequited, and, alas, full sad;E2vS

6rmN  'Neath her star all-protecting and bright,Secured in the mantle from wind and from rain--"5wQRkok体育电竞开户

7oavwkok体育电竞开户3zqhdkok体育电竞开户KpRc  ELEGIES.6i4w1LX  In her arms to revel yet!2Q7

2LP4  And yet to make us truly blest,xNrkok体育电竞开户

ta1y7kok体育电竞开户y07b5kok体育电竞开户atTpo  When an outcast met his eyes,--VItiBNqL  1808.-----ANSWERS IN A GAME OF QUESTIONS.FQ49

fbWRR  Then on my sight did blissful visions growIn the dim-lighted, distant firmament,7rkkok体育电竞开户

hhjdvkok体育电竞开户bvxxdkok体育电竞开户  Already are heardzZLyACf  Thy kindly will tow'rd me; a token send!5vVZU

AfW7X  I see Him in His victor-car,On fiery axles borne afar,Obktkok体育电竞开户

lurmgkok体育电竞开户dg5unkok体育电竞开户DAih  These thoughts I vainly struggle to dismiss:K42KtxZ  Love's glowing flame within my breast is fann'd.25y5

GY7  1815.-----YE'VE often, for our drunkenness,7fkok体育电竞开户

9do01kok体育电竞开户lpsjqkok体育电竞开户QH4M  Though at first she feels confin'd,0DAQfxnPIn  He sees the storm upon them feed,Yet is not at the sight o'erjoy'd,Gh

o5  "Friend, I know a far more beauteous vessel,One wherein to sink thy spirit wholly;Say, what wilt thou give me, if I grant it,And with other nectar fill it for thee?"gucD0kok体育电竞开户

nqyxukok体育电竞开户jzf7mkok体育电竞开户ElZb  May the Gods fierce vengeance take!X08GW59F  COUNT.FSP2a

1DV  [For a fine account of the fearful sack of Magdeburg, by Tilly,in the year 1613, see SCHILLER's History of the Thirty Years'War.]cKvkok体育电竞开户

ij70wkok体育电竞开户d329okok体育电竞开户cmc  In life I linger thereAnd when my heart is breaking nigh,"Forget-me-not!" is all I cry,n2OPH8Lo  How can ye enjoy the day,Uh0w

haSK  For the cheating silence misled me;Ah, sweetest! let me to thee repair,--nokok体育电竞开户

g8ruzkok体育电竞开户j6f1fkok体育电竞开户z8E  Young and fresh.From the clouds he dancethDown upon the marble rocks;Then tow'rd heavenLeaps exulting.BOYeHNtZ  Margaret's SongFrom Faust腜art II.:--5nU8A

28  With Heav'ns blessing will our love be crown'd."IXWkok体育电竞开户

vfwj3kok体育电竞开户gtslrkok体育电竞开户v2wUg  Then on Dorothea they sprang, and greeted her warmly,Asking for bread and fruit, but asking for drink before all things.And they handed the water all round. The children first drank some,Then the sick woman drank, with her daughters, the magistrate also.All were refresh'd, and sounded the praise of the excellent water;Mineral was it, and very reviving, and wholesome for drinking.eVc9QxY  How it pains me, alas, to know it!Who from the earth drives poetry far?x4Kf

y8JQ  VALEDICTION.uYCkWkok体育电竞开户

5u03kkok体育电竞开户n6df6kok体育电竞开户83zV0  In all my members blissful feelings reign!'Tis she who singeth yonder in her bower!3ZV1bhSTg  With only this reward,That when we're marching, we complain,p8

CAz0  Thou who createst much joy,For each a measure o'erflowing,Bless the sons of the chaseWhen on the track of the prey,With a wild thirsting for blood,Youthful and joyousAvenging late the injusticeWhich the peasant resistedVainly for years with his staff.eGzNkok体育电竞开户

sl496kok体育电竞开户uj2zbkok体育电竞开户vrtIn  By the changeful world-stream borne away.GnmConHkl  Be the man that is noble,Both helpful and good.Unweariedly formingThe right and the useful,A type of those beingsOur mind hath foreshadow'd!91xL


8lguukok体育电竞开户a1etckok体育电竞开户W8st  What is it, askest thou?Is't love, or is't ennui?wZPRR  In grateful payment for a gift so sweet.And then was felt,--oh may it constant prove!--The twofold bliss of music and of love.aF42g

t2hK8  Go, and complete thou the task, that to the day is assign'd!Thus doth the prudent mother with care turn time to her profit,3A9Mkok体育电竞开户

voxmikok体育电竞开户7zfb5kok体育电竞开户1LL  While his arms his love embrace.In the sinner repentant the Godhead feels joy;Immortals delight thus their might to employ.Lost children to raise to a heavenly place.IH35vw  1827.*-----"WHAT is science, rightly known?'Tis the strength of life alone.Life canst thou engender never,Life must be life's parent ever.0weR

lonoY  Do whate'er by me is bid;F88kok体育电竞开户

bth6tkok体育电竞开户dq26gkok体育电竞开户2rMNh  MISCELLANEOUS POEMS.The German Parnassus.Lily's MenagerieTo CharlotteLove's DistressesThe MusagetesMorning LamentThe VisitThe Magic NetThe GobletTo the Grasshopper. After AnacreonFrom the Sorrows of Young WertherTrilogy of Passion :?8s3PaVt6  XII. Book of Paradise:The Privileged MenThe favoured BeastsThe Seven SleepersSH

OcDh  THE tale of the Count our glad song shall recorda8bkok体育电竞开户

34rapkok体育电竞开户caggtkok体育电竞开户gaTN  "Here's my love's health also!"x8CfDbC  To revolve, be my behest!tfXc

P1RRf  What 'tis gives me pleasure;For of all that earth e'er lends,YR54kok体育电竞开户

j286fkok体育电竞开户g35m4kok体育电竞开户N5  What fearful distresswxiH  Oh, how the bridegroom exults, when he adorns his betroth'd!Pearls if I see, of thee they remind me; each ring that is shown meAKcI

fW2  In my heart hast thou lain hidden?By whom hast thou now to awake from thy sleepoVuHGkok体育电竞开户

1no8jkok体育电竞开户7b0z7kok体育电竞开户r7tf  1816.-----ROLLICKING HANS.vpGe75A  Stay, a cup I'll fetch theeWhence to drink.jyv

j0x  The country girls fair,Who rosy-red ribbonsI5tfpkok体育电竞开户

6s2oskok体育电竞开户hqtnxkok体育电竞开户cQ4Am  We yield, then charge amain,And now retire, and now advance,WPuMLRv  Save tis dearly bought, now hope to get?They are Christians and have been baptized,2n

pTVm  When the fiery orb was all defined,There I stood, as though in darkness, blind,Beat my breast, my quicken'd members threwOn the earth, brow-foremost, at the view.tFCvkok体育电竞开户

dwqctkok体育电竞开户wjmsvkok体育电竞开户Vos  O, all-embracing-one, there know I thee.2ZoRCCG  Till at length he sinksXIW

Qpn  Bravely done, indeed!h4kok体育电竞开户

hj8vhkok体育电竞开户iti8ikok体育电竞开户LINe  From disgrace his memory's saved by thee;Lo, his spirit signs from out its cell:j3vWp08W  The very devil seem'd in itUiZ

fWV  WHO never eat with tears his bread,PcHwLkok体育电竞开户

g518kkok体育电竞开户kf13tkok体育电竞开户T7Kp  And conducts him to the room of state.JQGTo5PR  'Tis a ruin'd temple! *2Mb6

b9  Shown in this flowery troop, over the garden dispers'd;any a name dost thou hear assign'd; one after anotherD7yRkok体育电竞开户

p6g58kok体育电竞开户zshbakok体育电竞开户0gXe  With welcome gladly given.tGVdC6D  But e'en this comfort is denied her.YfsaA

bmpE  Air is still, and hush'd the breeze,Sultriness, this fullness loving,IQptrkok体育电竞开户

2jj15kok体育电竞开户r9oz8kok体育电竞开户lGo  As worthy of a pure and endless life;Nothing was left, no wish, no hope, no thought,Bz8cHjx  Resembles life, And watch them revealingL

d9qM  Seem, in that silent domain, still to be gladdend with life.Thus may the minstrel's sarcophagus be hereafter surroundedpZG3kok体育电竞开户

x54o4kok体育电竞开户ey96skok体育电竞开户YBbM  Henceforward I may ne'er to thee confideFyiFXlh  Had, in its presence, felt a kindling glow;Sadness, reproach, repentance, weight of care,Hang heavy on it in the sultry air.Dnr

If  Alas! his warm bed he bath left,SBakok体育电竞开户

tlozhkok体育电竞开户nozuqkok体育电竞开户MABOl  ALL my weary days I pass'd7NZLS  Breath for breath, and bliss for bliss.Thus at eve, and thus the morrow!4rF6

bgH  The heart, its hidden meaning to declare,wYqQAkok体育电竞开户

0n09ekok体育电竞开户vqdagkok体育电竞开户qHnP8  But the owner surely is not wantingwvDLCaCg  Oh, the beech trees in yon grove!And behind we'll build a cot,Sju

M3rD  1803.-----DECLARATION OF WAR.YZoQkok体育电竞开户

cxc6ckok体育电竞开户6b167kok体育电竞开户3Ayv  In trembling grief his form he shrouds,mHwxPaQ  Are wont to lie till day;And yet I find my drunkennessgT0r

IqIZQ  All life's journey along!XQOmkok体育电竞开户

jpjxekok体育电竞开户qatfvkok体育电竞开户Kbxz  Pray what does this portend?Mankind deem incense to excelb7kFT57h5  In vain! no hope thou there decriest,--For me alone Messiah died!R8qZ

6pr  And that the whole may have life, e'en as enjoy'd by each part.Now, my beloved one, turn thy gaze on the many-hued thousandsk6b1kok体育电竞开户

a5805kok体育电竞开户dmmhmkok体育电竞开户Fx  1779.*-----BLINDMAN'S BUFF.MyGWgCHW  I saw i' the shadowiBw2

PYk  She looks at him: "The monster's droll enough!ScTkok体育电竞开户

tjavgkok体育电竞开户csi3okok体育电竞开户iHFh  My kisses sweetOx38unnV  In his presence will be rife.Jt7

aNYC  Whisper softly to his heart;Yet, to give him pain, beware,5wkok体育电竞开户

fc4o0kok体育电竞开户941takok体育电竞开户qZ  It gently said:"Shall I be gather'dvcxLAEyL49  No longer would they serve my life to gild.KpSu

9uylt  1781.-----FROM 'THE SORROWS OF YOUNG WERTHER.'akok体育电竞开户

mt6ljkok体育电竞开户1ovevkok体育电竞开户vbD9  In his presence will be rife.DVnaKLFD  Thro' distant vales and woods, link'd on to thee!Ah, Lily's heart could surely never fallI12J

Wqhuz  [This Cantata was written for Prince Frederick of Gotha, and setto music by Winter, the Prince singing the part of Rinaldo.--Seethe Annalen.]0vnoQkok体育电竞开户

8x58ikok体育电竞开户ba1j4kok体育电竞开户z7Rc  On your altar so pure, adding sweet rosebuds as well,And he does it with hope. The artist is glad in his workshop,hjPkycK  1770.-----WITH A GOLDEN NECKLACE.7Z2

UVc  In the Muses' silent groves.fCkok体育电竞开户

gp7a4kok体育电竞开户xazotkok体育电竞开户6o1E  And the hand, so true and warm,z6x5dyU10  When a long-lost sinner's found.Swifter e'en than Lathe's floodEYQX

ATN  Tho' man may seem to wear a chain.Let one alone inflame thee e'er,mxLDkok体育电竞开户

z1cvckok体育电竞开户mnr8rkok体育电竞开户UvK  His mouth is red--its power I dread,asxfg0aL  Span so fine and slight,--As was likely. I presume--OFd8

D0EV  I will seize thee,qQGkok体育电竞开户

c6e74kok体育电竞开户n95eikok体育电竞开户VfrC  The darksome book with clearness could he read;Yet how he, breathless 'midst his friends so true,MsiDreFm  IN Paradise while moonbeams play'd,PS9

4qRl  Rose to Allah's throne on high;lc4kok体育电竞开户

zlxwmkok体育电竞开户skmhzkok体育电竞开户JkF  The one is lifeless, thou with life art blest.KDYVJBnVS  Ah, they in sorrow are spent. List while I tell thee my tale:Yes! I have left my only joy in life far behind me,len

f  Yet doth a new one, at once, cling to the one gone before,So that the chain be prolonged for ever through all generations,57LZkok体育电竞开户

56q8skok体育电竞开户tk6aikok体育电竞开户q8yz  THE Poems composed by Goethe under this title are five innumber, of which three are here given. The other two are entirelypersonal in their allusions, and not of general interest. One ofthem is a Requiem on the Prince de Ligne, who died in 1814, andwhom Goethe calls "the happiest man of the century," and theother was composed in honour of the 70th birthday of his friendZelter the composer, when Goethe was himself more than 79 (1828).The following sweet aria introduced in the latter is, however,worth giving:--lldjhII0  That thou seest, not her likeness only;nQVU

I3Le  WATER-FETCHING goes the nobleBrahmin's wife, so pure and lovely;He is honour'd, void of blemish.And of justice rigid, stern.Daily from the sacred riverBrings she back refreshments precious;--But where is the pail and pitcher?She of neither stands in need.For with pure heart, hands unsullied,She the water lifts, and rolls itTo a wondrous ball of crystalThis she bears with gladsome bosom,Modestly, with graceful motion,To her husband in the house.SB4kok体育电竞开户

ndfsbkok体育电竞开户96a4bkok体育电竞开户HcYj  Sporting on an airy band.2kq3qvsYCb  1808.*-----THE LEGEND OF THE HORSESHOE.zMSu6

N4ru  Sweetly conceald in the womb, where is made perfect the fruit.Here doth Nature close the ring of her forces eternal;qUOHkok体育电竞开户

ium6hkok体育电竞开户yorbwkok体育电竞开户y110  In turns each sister and each brother7MLtK8J  From the shore of Senderud ascendeth,Up to Darnawend its pinions bendeth,As He dawns, with joy to greet His light,You with endless blessings to requite.AlD3

xW1F  Eternal beauty has its fruit to bear;The eye grows moist, in yearnings blest reveresThe godlike worth of music as of tears.sGVm8kok体育电竞开户

h7tx5kok体育电竞开户bhg8ikok体育电竞开户8aZ  While the bird with circumspection0HMTEGI  Within the realms she calls her own,She sees the splendour of the Son,6v8O

epbG  To ring and chain I hammer thenVQ4kok体育电竞开户

pmlu4kok体育电竞开户mu1mpkok体育电竞开户c7fcG  With billowy-waving arms!The force returns, whose mightfRxYeeF  Poverty's the greatest curse,6nlhx

Zp  So they turn'd themselves round; but the magistrate found himself summon'dBy his own followers, who had need of his presence and counsel.But the pastor forthwith the druggist accompanied, till theyCame to a gap in the hedge, when the latter pointed with slyness,"See you," exclaim'd he, "the maiden? The child's clothes she has been changing.And I recognise well the old calico--also the cushion--Cover of blue, which Hermann took in the bundle and gave her.Quickly and well, of a truth, she has used the presents left with her.These are evident proofs; and all the rest coincide too;For a bodice red her well-arch'd bosom upraises,Prettily tied, while black are the stays fitting close around her.Then the seams of the ruff she has carefully plaited and folded,Which, with modest grace, her chin so round is encircling;Free and joyously rises her head, with its elegant oval,Strongly round bodkins of silver her back-hair is many times twisted.When she is sitting, we plainly see her noble proportions,And the blue well-plaited gown which begins from close to her bosom,And in rich folds descending, her well-turn'd ankles envelops.'Tis she, beyond all doubt. So come, that we may examineWhether she be both a good and a frugal and virtuous maiden."Then the pastor rejoin'd, the sitting damsel inspecting"That she enchanted the youth, I confess is no matter of wonder,For she stands the test of the gaze of a man of experience.Happy the person to whom Mother Nature the right face has given!She recommends him at all times, he never appears as a stranger,Each one gladly approaches, and each one beside him would linger,If with his face is combined a pleasant and courteous demeanour.Yes, I assure you the youth has indeed discover'd a maidenWho the whole of the days of his life will enliven with gladness,And with her womanly strength assist him at all times and truly.Thus a perfect body preserves the soul also in pureness,And a vigorous youth of a happy old age gives assurance.zMfkok体育电竞开户

2vafskok体育电竞开户h37z5kok体育电竞开户VPCbS  The rulers immortalAvert from whole peoplesTheir blessing-fraught glances,And shun, in the children,To trace the once cherish'd,Still, eloquent featuresTheir ancestors wore.wgvYFcK3  All alone I pined,As within the womb.LsEWx

eWHm  Ah! on shore, and to the woodEkyXkok体育电竞开户

t62cukok体育电竞开户ye15dkok体育电竞开户iMgj  Primroses flare,And roguish violets,J2mhoZo  Blithely singingdLZ

mnWGV  To please the silly thing consent!0fkok体育电竞开户

alpl6kok体育电竞开户kyqbbkok体育电竞开户dWPd  The portion of us twain shall be;Like thee to love, like thee to drink,--C3YGE6Ez  [The Chorus gradually approaches, from the distance.]f2Rt

2hy  And, fair maiden, thou indeed canst buy it;3nekok体育电竞开户

63w68kok体育电竞开户fe2d3kok体育电竞开户7b  Stands my loved one on this silent ground?engmpwT  Fullness waxes in my breastOf emotions social, blest;Friendship's nurtured膌ove awakes,--And the silence Phoebus breaksOf his mountains, of his vales,Sweetly blow the balmy gales;All for whom he shows affection,Who are worthy his protection,Gladly follow his direction.Jyhs

0AxUZ  To whom Mahomet spake"Spoil not the poor man of his sheep,0zVkok体育电竞开户

yw0qzkok体育电竞开户ke4cakok体育电竞开户789  BOOK OF LOVE.YDfaO1x  We're bringing gold, we're bringing myrrh,The women incense always prefer;And if we have wine of a worthy growth,We three to drink like six are not loth.uj1

LLSmJ  My spirit upward flies.Has any one a mouth so sweet,Ry2Kkok体育电竞开户

7clnokok体育电竞开户hxcxykok体育电竞开户iaUB9  It throws poetic pearls upon the strand,And thus is gain'd the prize of life.-----WHEN so many minstrels there are,Apv1wLG  THE Epigrams bearing the title of XENIA were written by Goetheand Schiller together, having been first occasioned by someviolent attacks made on them by some insignificant writers. Theyare extremely numerous, but scarcely any of them could betranslated into English. Those here given are merely presented asa specimen.FMr7

lhzd  THIS box, mine own sweet darling, thou wilt findVykok体育电竞开户

dus0qkok体育电竞开户r6uk9kok体育电竞开户20ywc  All thy thousand ears thou keepestXQCmpB8L  Pervading ev'ry limb unceasingly;Thy heav'nly pinions thou didst then employ9l

sP7  Wilt venture, thou rash one, the billows to brave?""THEY SHALL, AND THEY MUST BE PRESERVED FROM THE WAVE!"GrLbkok体育电竞开户

Cq2aA  Now door and gate are in ashes,X4ikok体育电竞开户

o8vepkok体育电竞开户lptgrkok体育电竞开户G0p  May in his workshop prepare straightway the heavenly pledge!Ay, of a truth, the chain shall indeed be a chain, oh my Dora!pAKMIaa28  "Then I sprang up, and raved, and swore,t870

tmJn  1770.-----CHRISTEL.rnJkok体育电竞开户

tdt5qkok体育电竞开户7ceazkok体育电竞开户w3F  HERMANN.UzyFojqpk  The scorching sunbeams to ward off from me.From thee alone Earth's fairest gifts I gain'd,Through thee alone, true bliss can be obtain'd.rjb

2ot  Hell sees the victor come at last,She feels that now her reign is past,7zBukok体育电竞开户

2dkl4kok体育电竞开户030ldkok体育电竞开户FY1l  None seem this way posting.All the soup boils fast away,7wWeJgZm  They vanish at last with a song.YDpT

RwQo  Appear again!How bright the sunbeams!tUVkok体育电竞开户

kDTTe  And nevermore.f509

vKv  Presently denser became the crowd. Round some of the waggons.Men in a passion were quarrelling, women also were screaming.Then of a sudden approach'd an aged man with firm footstepMarching straight up to the fighters; and forthwith was hush'd the contention,When he bade them be still, and with fatherly earnestness threaten'd."Are we not yet," he exclaim'd, "by misfortune so knitted together,As to have learnt at length the art of reciprocal patienceAnd toleration, though each cannot measure the actions of others?Prosperous men indeed may quarrel! Will sorrow not teach youHow no longer as formerly you should quarrel with brethren?Each should give way to each other, when treading the soil of the stranger,And, as you hope for mercy yourselves, you should share your possessions."HIxXkok体育电竞开户

z0cl4kok体育电竞开户rxkb3kok体育电竞开户fdP2T  Death's gloomy portalhXqQRmakU  [This poem, written at the age of seventy-five, was appended toan edition of 'Werther,' published at that time.]92Z

1v7lqkok体育电竞开户njssjkok体育电竞开户Qk0o  Is each day review'd and blamed,Who, when others fools are still,lWB6UEj  To the rash ones, yet a word!Ay, my voice shall now be heard,As a peal of thunder, strong!3RhH

YTd  [First published in Schiller's Horen, in connection with afriendly contest in the art of ballad-writing between the twogreat poets, to which many of their finest works are owing.]Gjpljkok体育电竞开户

bb7l2  Sweet the things he said--Praised my flax-resembling hair,A7Jpkok体育电竞开户

ilnswkok体育电竞开户hjq8vkok体育电竞开户gTB4  Oh, thou broom accurs'd?diykLjJVC  I forget the word of might.Jc

1.OeLm  1820.*-----qpYkok体育电竞开户

2.dRW  And her screams through air resound:laBk

3.tylwakok体育电竞开户gdxqekok体育电竞开户pmB  On yonder beauteous spot,Embraced by poplar-brooks,PZsBcf4gQT  Round the far height.Each cloud becometh clear,While the bright troops appearslgW

4.rh0otkok体育电竞开户g12yjkok体育电竞开户ljNf  O'er the threshold gaining ground.xVfZmlC  Wide, high, glorious the viewGazing round upon life,While from mount unto mountHovers the spirit eterne,Life eternal foreboding.JBbT


hwyxvkok体育电竞开户khjv3kok体育电竞开户Dh1GY  A god then let me tell my tale of sorrow.uZk4fgBU1  One more bumper! Fill the glass;qwt


L6HWV  I bashfully go,--wFrYHkok体育电竞开户


B8v  As at the door, on meeting lingerd she,TvT1kok体育电竞开户


0Zc8U  Yet he's both loving and fair;He wears on his neck a chain of gold,Lpkok体育电竞开户


Cr9  Be thou still I pray,BBP9kok体育电竞开户

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